by Tamaral Cellar
9 meses ago

The most popular tapas in Spain are a major reason why the country is a top attraction for the tourists. These tapas are the small-sized meals or small diets that are served in the cafes and bars.

The connection which is present between this food and Spainis as strong as that between the Picasso and creativity. Tapas are a delightful, nutritious and unusual meal in Spain. You can enjoy a bowl of homemade soup along with the tapas covering, as the Spanish people understand the quality and the various health benefits of tapas.

Make it a priority to visit Spain at least once in your life to enjoy some of the most popular tapas in Spain while also visiting other numerous tourist attractions.

To help you prepare for that time, here are the top three most popular tapas in Spain.


The paella

You can enjoy Paella with yellow rice, vegetables, andmeat to make it yummier. There are various categories of Paella that you can try, but you will fall in love with the Valencia Paella. This particular paella is one of the most popular tapas in Spain and it got its name from Valencia which is the area from which the dish originated. There are several modifications that you can make to this tapa with the seafood, chicken or rabbits. You can enjoy this popular cuisine with several herbs like rosemary or saffron, rice, white beans, andgreen beans. It will require some time to get ready the food, but slow cooking procedure adds more delicious flavors to the meal.

Tip: The best time to enjoy this dish is during lunch.



Another name for Gazpacho is the “cold tomato soup”. You can make a delicious gazpacho by making use of the key ingredients and then modify to suit your taste. If you’re wondering why this cuisine is one of the most popular tapas in Spain, well, you can try to prepare it on your own. Fresh cucumber, tomatoes, garlic, red bell peppers, olive oil, and bread mixture can be used to make the best gazpacho.

Tip: You can enjoy the gazpacho as a meal or as an aperitif.



Jamon is also one of the most popular tapas in Spain. The people like this meal because one of the major ingredients is nuts…… lots of them. The black Iberian pigor the mountain pig can be used in preparing this tapa. However, the mountain pig is reasonably cheaper compared to the Iberian pig. You can put salt on the legs of the pigs and dry them to keep them from getting spoilt so that you can make use of them throughout the entire winter season. Several food lovers enjoy the spicy and well-seasoned meal in small quantity.  The Spanish consider the Jamon tapa as one of their basic cuisine and thus, you can even find them in thelocal shops.


Tip: You can enjoy the Jamon as an aperitif with bread or without bread.

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