by Tamaral Cellar
2 años ago

7 kinds of Spanish red wines you need to know

Wines are extracts from grapes, they are alcoholic beverages gotten from the fermentation of grapes. The sugar in the grapes are consumed by yeast and converted to ethanol, carbon dioxide, and heat. The differences in grapes and strains produce varieties of wine.

In this article we shall be laying more emphasis on the Spanish red wine. The Spaniards are the third largest producers of wine in the world with the Italian and the French occupying the first and second positions respectively. This ranking shows the importance of wine to the history, economy, and the Spanish people at large. Located at the Iberian Peninsula, Spain has over 2.9 million acres of land cultivate with grape which makes it the most widely planted wine producing nation. The various kinds of grapes for Spanish red wine include;


Spanish red wines

Red wine Tempranillo

This is the best known quality red wine grape in Spain. The word “temprano” which means early in Spanish is used to derive the word “tempranillo” which refer to the early time the grape has been traditionally harvested. Tempranillo produces fresh and fruity young red wine but it shows best when oak ages.  As at 2015, Tempranillo was the third most widely planted wine grape variety worldwide with 231000 hectares wine vine of which 88% was in Spain. Unlike red wine varieties such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot noir, and Sangiovese which are more aromatic, the Tempranillo has a relatively neutral profile which makes it compatible when blended with other varieties such as Grenache and Carignan ( known in Rioja as mazuel). The Spanish Tempranillo wine is easy to find and a widely diverse food-pairing wine with a great flavour profile for its value. The finer the wine, the more balanced there is between the earth and fruit. On finishing, the wine is typically smooth and lingers with the taste of tannin on both sides of your mouth.

Red wine Bobal

Bobal is found mostly in Valencia. Bobal wines are full bodied and colourful in nature. The quality of the bobal grape wine has witnessed a significant increase in the last years.

Red wine Monastrell

The monastrell is the typical grape grown in Murcia and the south of Valencia. This grape produces powerful, well structured wine with great strength higher than normal. Few years ago in Anglo Saxon countries this wine was very successful.


Red wine Garnacha (Grenache)

Despite most people associating the garnacha with the Rohne valley in France, this grape is of Spanish origin. In spain, it is found in the northeast area, la Rioja, navarra, etc. It’s usually blended with Tempranillo. Garnacha grapes can produce fruity wines with raspberry aromas.

Ren wine Cabernet Sauvignon

As carbernet inhabits nearly everywhere, the results have been great in Spain. It is often blended with other grapes to produce more more complex wine due to its fairly tannic nature. It’s significant nature stand out in the production of Spanish red wine.

Red wine Tinta de Toro

Amongst the tempranillo grape family is Tinta de Toro which is mostly grown in Zamora.

Red wine Syrah

This Spanish red wine grape has become relatively popular in Spain, mainly in the Mediterranean areas and in “la mancha”. The syrah in Spain is quite different to the Rhone or Australian Sarah. Spanish stray are usually full bodied and high in alcohol.

They are so many benefits of red wines and the Spanish red wines are not exempted. These benefits include;

  • Promotes longevity
  • Reduces the risk of heart diseases
  • Promotes eye health
  • Improves memory
  • Helps fend off common cold
  • Reduces the risk of cancer
  • Lowers cholesterol
  • Improves dental health.

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