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Spanish food and Wine are very famous

Spain is well known because of its wines and food. Spanish wine is difficult to understand with no food. Spanish people used to drinking wine when they’re having lunch or dinner. This isn’t only a tradition it has some logic.

An acid wine (white, rosé and some reds) can compensate for a fatty meal. It can also make the food look more salty, and the wine has no choice but to drink with sweet foods.

  • A red wine with a high alcohol content can cause a light meal to not taste anything, so it must accompany stronger foods such as meats, stews, etc.
  • A sweet wine goes well with sweet foods, reinforcing both the flavors. It can also go well with lightly salty meals.
  • A tannic wine, with strong and dry flavor in the mouth, with good proteins and fats.


Characteristics Spanish Food and wine

The result of this combination has its own characteristics. Thus, during the marriage, different results may occur:

Spanish food can squeeze a feature of the wine: a typical case is to eat nuts like nuts with a very tannic red wine. The wine was excessively astringent and it would give us the sensation that it dries our tongue.

Spanish food can also reduce a characteristic of wine:

A good example not only show how the proteins of a meat neutralize the tannins of a red wine. This explains why red wines go well with meat. The opposite would happen when a wine is excessively powerful and nullifies the qualities of the food.

Examples of Spanish dishes and wine

A spanish dish, sole with a powerful red wine, or a very sweet dessert with a very acid white wine, Wine can provide flavors that enhance a feature of food.

Carefull when we prepare spanish food and wine to drink

If for example we take a meat with a sauce that contains red fruits and we choose a fruity red wine that presents in its flavor notes of these fruits the result is very good. There are wines and spanish dishes that can not go together and that can be mixed with an unpleasant taste. If we take a grilled chicken fillet and nothing else and drink a potent red wine, we achieve a flavor that can remind us of a metal.

Spanish Recipes

The most famous dish in Spain is tortilla de patata, to prepare this tasty dish you can find the recipe here.

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