Is it Possible to Do a Homemade Red Wine? - SPANISH RED WINES - TAMARAL CELLAR

by Tamaral Cellar
2 años ago

Brewing homemade red wine and drinking is possible and very interesting. Making wine at home can increase your experience and pride and it is a great way to have fun at home. Also, homemade red wine is not as difficult as it seems. Subsequently, the steps on how to make a delicious red wine at home will be discussed.

Ingredients for Homemade Red Wine

The basics ingredients for making red wine at home include:

  1.  Two cups of sugar.
  2. Measuring container.
  3. Funnel.
  4. One pack of yeast.
  5. A half-gallon of grape juice. This is what determines if the wine will be red or white. Get purple grape juice for the homemade red wine. On the other hand, white grape juice is used white wine.
  6. Balloon.

All these ingredients are easy to get from the grocery store.

The Easy Way to Make Homemade Red Wine

  1. Rinse all the ingredients thoroughly with hot water. This is the major thing you can do wrong. If your wine becomes contaminated, you have to pour it away.
  2. Decant around 3/4 and 1 cup of the grape juice. I understand it seems counter-intuitive, but this is necessary to make space for other ingredients to be added to make the homemade red wine.
  3. Add one and half cups of sugar into the grape juice. If you are interested in making the wine less alcoholic use one cup instead. Then insert the cap back to the bottle, ensure it is tight and jiggle the bottle for a while to mix the ingredients. Shake the bottle for like a minute, or until when you are sure the sugar has been dissolved.
  4. Add one yeast packet. It is not necessary to use a funnel for this but you can if you like it. There is no point in economizing the yeast since it’s the least expensive ingredient for making a homemade red wine.
  5. Wait five minutes.  Allow the yeast to moisten by waiting for a while. Shake the mixture for ten or fifteen seconds, then you should be happy because you’re almost done with the difficult part of preparing homemade red wine.
  6. Position the balloon on the top of the bottle. The top of the bottle for the homemade red wine should be unscrewed but it should be covered with a balloon. Then make one or two pin-sized holes at the lower third of the balloon, an area near the top of the bottle.

Finally, you will need to wait for the wine to ferment. Keep the bottle in a cool dark place and check if the balloon has inflated after two or more hours. When the balloon is inflated, keep the bottle of the homemade red wine in a cool dark place for like two weeks.

After the two weeks, the wine will produce bubbles, and some spontaneous reactions will take place. The yeast will eventually die and the balloon will deflate, this shows that the homemade red wine is ready, and you can enjoy it the way you want.